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  • Electric Wheelchair for Outdoor and Indoor

    • Indoor Electric Wheelchair
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      Indoor Electric Wheelchair

      ‚ÄčEvery wheelchair has a different purpose and use and the reasons for using any types of electric wheelchair can vary widely. Indoor electric wheelchairs are designed so that the user can easily maneuver around the house or any indoor space.
    • Outdoor Electric Wheelchair
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      Outdoor Electric Wheelchair

      Our outdoor electric wheelchairs are designed with durable frame, powerful motor capacity and battery and solid large flat tires, which can help users to overcome all kinds uneven ground or terrains.
    • Fastest Electric Wheelchair
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      Fastest Electric Wheelchair

      This is called the fastest electric wheelchair, because its max speed can reach at 10km/hr. If you want to faster speed, that is reachable with this Programmable PG VSI joystick And it is rapid, rigid and also solid. But we are not recommend the pursue as fast as the...
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