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  • Folding Electric Wheelchair

    • Foldaway Electric Wheelchair
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      Foldaway Electric Wheelchair

      The most compact and maneuverable foldaway electric wheelchair, with dual batteries for longer range. This chair is the verylightest electric wheelchair on the market (20kg). It is an electric wheelchair ideal for moving easily inside your home as well as outside. It has two batteries, to...
    • Foldable Electric Wheelchair Wheelchair Singapore
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      Foldable Electric Wheelchair Wheelchair Singapore

      This foldable wheelchair is very popular in Singapore market, for it good mass transportation ability. Electric Wheelchair Features Total weight of the wheelchair is only 27 kgs (59 lbs). Can be easily collapsed and opened in just a one seconds. Uses Lithium Polymer batteries which are...
    • Best Folding Electric Wheelchair
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      Best Folding Electric Wheelchair

      This electric wheelchair is equipped with the best folding electric wheelchair from PG UK brand, and Motion motor from Taiwan. We match these two parts at the high maneuverability, performance.
    • Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight
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      Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight

      Foldable Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Easy foldable, very lightweight, portable is the feature of this electric Wheelchair. This chair is made out of a lightweight solid steel material to accommodate almost anyone. It is perfect for larger individuals to ride comfortably and is perfect to...
    • Fold Up Electric Wheelchair
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      Fold Up Electric Wheelchair

      Fold Up Electric Wheelchair How to fold up this electric wheelchair? It is very simple, first stress the button at both side of the chair, when listen the "gi", then push the fold up the backrest to footrest. Quick features: One seconds foldable Easy to assemble/dismantle Portable...
    • Foldable Travel Wheelchair
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      Foldable Travel Wheelchair

      This foldable travel wheelchair will easily fit in the trunk of most vehicles allowing you the freedom to do the things you enjoy.
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