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  • How to charge and maintain electric wheelchair?
    Dec 28, 2017

    It can be charged directly in the car while charging, but must turn off the power switch, can also be written down to the indoor and other appropriate places to recharge, and then to electric wheelchairs should be in the ventilated dry place, chargers and batteries above strictly prohibit the coverage of any items, generally charged 5-10h led by red to green after the battery to fill, The continuous charge time must not exceed 12h, otherwise it is easy to cause the battery deformation damage. The purchase of new cars due to the factory transport storage has a certain period of time, the battery is not enough to charge before use, charging to check the rated voltage and power supply voltage is consistent, and every week and night to do a battery maintenance, that is, the charger green light to continue charging 1-1.5h, to extend the battery life.