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  • How to distinguish between good and bad electric wheelchairs
    Dec 28, 2017

    1. The electric wheelchair uses the electric power operation, simultaneously in order to be able to walk, therefore uses is the electric storage electromagnetic, therefore the electromagnetic quality is evaluates the electric wheelchair good or bad important part, generally speaking the electromagnetic endurance ability is very important, As long as the endurance ability to bring the patient home will not appear on the halfway to the phenomenon of electricity.

    2. Action climbing ability, that is, the power of electric wheelchairs, the main work of electric wheelchairs is to take patients to the place to want to go, if a small point of the gully can not be passed, then lost the function of electric wheelchair, so the power is sufficient is also to evaluate the basic knowledge of electric wheelchairs.

    3. Control Panel of good or bad, that is, whether the electric wheelchair in the use of Control Panel to call him to the left he left, so that he to the right he was right, at the same time patients use the cost of effortless gas, so the quality of the control Panel is also an important standard for the evaluation of Electric

    4. Convenience, can bring convenience for patients, not only in the use of the same also reflected in after-sales service.

    5. Workmanship, generally better, so that it will not be in the work of the disclosure caused by patients in the process of using the phenomenon of injury, this is the quality of electric wheelchairs five major standards, so buy electric wheelchair without worry.