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  • The many benefits of using an electric wheelchair for the elderly
    Dec 28, 2017

    With the aging of society, more and more elderly groups. As people grow older skeletal muscle function will gradually degenerate, so the ability to move gradually decreased, so the wheelchair, electric wheelchair, the elderly scooter and other means of transport to become a necessity.

    1, compared to hand-propelled wheelchairs, the flexibility of the electric wheelchair is better, the mind-conscious old man can drive, no longer need children or caregivers to follow;

    2, the mobility of the elderly with the help of electric wheelchairs can expand the range of activities can even do more to do things, the waste heat of their lives to play better, the elderly themselves will feel more valuable;

    3, when the elderly have their own electric wheelchair safe travel, can be integrated into their own elderly friends circle, the mood will be better, can greatly reduce the incidence of Alzheimer's disease;

    4, the elderly driving an electric wheelchair travel can save the employment costs of workers, for household expenses.