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  • Wheelchair/electric Wheelchair size purchase
    Dec 28, 2017

    Seat width Selection: choice of wheelchair, electric wheelchair when the seat should not be too wide or too narrow, the right best, the seat too wide too narrow will affect the comfort of wheelchair, the appropriate width is the old man on the wheelchair, the outer thigh and armrest between the 3-4 cm gap can be;

    Seat Depth selection: Seat depth refers to the left front edge of the wheelchair to the back edge of the distance, the choice of seat depth is required according to the height of the decision, that is, the length of the occupant's thigh, sitting on the front of the leg before the edge of the seat 5-6 cm most suitable;

    Back height: Wheelchair backrest height on the edge of the passenger shoulder blade under the edge of 2 centimeters around the most suitable

    Foot Board degrees: pedal from the ground at least 5 cm, if the pedal can be adjusted up and down, the pedal can be adjusted to the patient after sitting, feet on the pedal to scare off the leg and the angle slightly greater than 90 degrees.