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  • Why are the electric wheelchairs slow?
    Dec 28, 2017

    The speed of the electric wheelchair is based on the specific characteristics of the user group and the overall structural characteristics of the electric wheelchair.

    1. The national standard stipulates that the elderly disabled electric wheelchair speed of less than 10 km/h;

    Because the body of the elderly, disabled people in the process of operation of electric wheelchairs, if the speed is too fast, encountered emergency situation they do not come over, often cause unimaginable consequences;

    2. The whole structure of the electric wheelchair decides its driving speed should not be too fast;

    As we all know, in order to adapt to indoor and outdoor environment needs, electric wheelchairs its body weight, the length of the vehicle, the width of the car, wheelbase, seat height and many other factors must be integrated and coordinated to develop and design, integrated electric wheelchair vehicle length, width, wheelbase restrictions, if the speed is too fast if driving will have safety problems, Potential security risks such as rollover.

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