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  • Why more and more elderly people like electric wheelchair
    Feb 20, 2018

    Why more and more elderly people like a electric?

    Electric wheelchair or power wheelchair are became more and more popular in elederly people.

    Indeed, the use of electric wheelchairs in the elderly is very useful and is favored by consumers. The electric wheelchair for elderly are in constant innovation on select material and function from the iron or steel pipe materials aerospace and aluminium alloy, function improving from manual control to  controller with walk.

     Specific functions are as follows:

    1. Upright and flat, can stand and walk, and can become a recliner.

    2. Manual, electric and electric, mainly electric, manual for the deputy, without fear of power off.

    3. Configure various humanized functions, writing rack, shopping basket, hand support ring, and upturn handrail.

    4. Equipped with anti-leaning and anti-leaning small wheels, 8 rounds to ensure the safety of standing and upslope.

    5. Microcomputer control system, single hand rocker operation, easy to drive, easy to drive.

    6, 5 gears, stepless adjustment, 360 ° steering (random walk around).

    7. Simple structure, strong electric power, electromagnetic brake (parking brake, semi-grade parking).