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  • Pay Attention To Buy Old Scooter
    Dec 28, 2017

    1, in the car to look for the relevant departments have approved the production, public security departments can do licensing brands, unlicensed brands, do not blindly purchase, so as to avoid difficulties in licensing.

    2, select the car to look at the main parts of the product, such as motors, batteries, controllers and so on, the intrinsic quality is reliable, the appearance is good, modelling, style to conform to personalized requirements.

    3, when the car to the shopkeeper to obtain formal invoices, product specifications, certification and "three packs" of the provisions of the card or after-sales service commitment, and to understand whether there is a perfect after-sale service system, to have specialized service personnel, can be on-site maintenance.

    4, the correct maintenance, failure to disassemble without authorization, stop and leave to turn off the power supply, driving found that the meter shows insufficient electricity, should be timely recharge, can not overload.

    5, look at the brand should choose long operating time, low repair, good quality, credibility and visibility of the brand.

    6, the selection of businesses have a certain scale, operating longer business, you can ensure that your after-sales service.

    7, the choice of luxury car features complete, but high price, repair high, simple structure concise, economical and practical, repair low.

    8, check accessories to buy, users want to see the whole vehicle selection of parts of the brand and quality, such as: frame and fork welding and surface whether there is a defect, all parts of the manufacturing is fine, whether the double support is strong, whether the choice of tires, fasteners, rust, etc., in addition, different brands of accessories, price difference is very wide, Consumers should not be bought by style and price.