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  • Reasonable Consumption Of Electric Wheelchair
    Dec 28, 2017

    When we consumers choose a wheelchair, you should first consider the comfort of the user sitting on it (avoid secondary injury), related to the design of the large frame, the angle of the design of the user to sit on the comfort, there is cushion and back cushion of the material, because the good mat it can be antibacterial mildew, while the permeability is very good.

    Second is to consider its quality, wheelchair material has three kinds (steel pipe, aluminum alloy, aerospace too aluminum alloy) steel pipe is more bulky, aluminum alloy relatively lighter, aerospace too aluminum that lighter, more solid! Then it's time to consider whether the user needs to push the wheelchair in his or her place (buy a big round) because the wheelchair is divided into big wheels ( Self-push type) and small wheel (type) two kinds.

    Wheelchairs are the necessities of our users, so they are considered in comfort, convenience, solidity and lightness when choosing.