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  • (Kunshan) JT Automatic Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • ADD: NO.221, Xinda Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China
  • Tel: +86-512-57118208
  • Fax: +86-512-57812135
  • Mobile: +86-15850008494
  • E-mail: zhuhs@jtwheelchair.com
  • Chapter 7 quality guarantee
    In order to safeguard your interest and obtain good after-sales service from our company, please carefully read this chapter.

    I. Guarantee Content, Parts and terms
    1, Guarantee content
    If you purchase our wheelchair from designated dealer or directly from our company, use the wheelchair according to this manual and repair the wheelchair in designated repairing site within quality guarantee period, so our company promise different guarantee services to different parts due to the faults arising from materials or manufacturing process.
    2, parts under guarantee and terms
    From shipping date
    * Main wheelchair frame: repairing service free of charge within 1 years
    * Controller: repairing service free of charge within 1 year
    * Other electric parts (including driving motor and batteries): repairing service free of charge within 1 year
    * Other consumable goods (such as tyre, handle sleeve, seat cushion etc) are not under the coverage. and consumers shall bear the loss caused by these parts.

    II. The quality guarantee does not cover the quality problems cuased by following factors:
    ● Not obeying manual instruction or caused by other human factors
    ● The wheelchair is not required in the designated repairing site
    ● Over the guarantee term
    ● The parts used are not manufactured by our company
    ● The wheelchair is refitted without the permit of our company
    ● Overload (higher than 150KG)
    ● Factors like typhon, flood disaster, fires, earthquake and war. etc

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    Repairing with free of charge during the warranty period.
    Otherwise, it will be charge accordingy.

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