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  • Electric Wheelchair for Disable

    Comfortable breathable fabric for a long time comfortable wheelchair backrest, cushion, leg belt, are used double seal net design, the following filled with breathable sponge, breathable cool, detachable, can be replaced at any time cleaning.
    Four brake design, stability assured that the human braking system, users or the implementation of people can use the front and rear brakes for deceleration and braking.
    Lightweight storage folding chair without disassembling. The electric wheelchair folds up in 5 seconds and is very compact to fit in most small trunks. Has a handle under the seat for easy lifting.
    Nowadays, electric wheelchair for disable have become an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and disabled people with limited mobility. They are widely used. As long as the user has clear consciousness and normal cognitive ability, it is a good choice to use electric wheelchairs.
    Actually, Kunshan JT is the growing manufacturers of electric wheelchair for disable in China, which is equipped with a professional and productive factory. And customers are welcomed to buy discount electric wheelchair for disable with cheap price here.
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