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  • China will become the third largest consumer market of electric wheelchairs
    Jan 31, 2018

    It was reported that 2010, China, including wheelchairs in the mainland, the value of medical devices more than 100 billion yuan, accounting for 5% of global output, of which China's domestic medical output will reach 20 billion yuan.   

    China's wheelchair demand market is growing:

    Today the world's major cities are facing the problem of aging, according to the United Nations forecast, the 1990-2020 average annual growth rate of the world's elderly population of 2.5%, the same period of China's aging population increase rate of 3.3%, aging faster than the world aging speed. 1, compared with other countries, China's social population aging degree is high, has gradually entered an aging society. In many big cities, such as Shanghai and Beijing, the proportion of old people is close to 20%. At the same time, the population of physically handicapped persons is nearly 60 million.      

    Among them, a considerable number of people have to rely on wheelchairs to get a normal life because of the inconvenience of walking.

    according to the information Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China released in December 2006 in Beijing, "the development of the cause of aging" data provided by the end of 2005, China's 60 years old, the mouth of nearly 144 million, the proportion of the total population of 11%. More than 100 million of the world's 60-year-old population is only China. Now in our country more than 60 years old, the mouth of the annual increase of 3%.

    In the elderly over 60 years of age, a considerable proportion of the elderly are required to use wheelchairs in their daily lives and in their work, in the course of disease treatment and rehabilitation. 3. According to the second national survey of the disabled, the total number of disabled persons in the country is 82.96 million. Among them, 24.12 million people with limb disability accounted for 29.07%; multiple disabilities 13.52 million people, accounting for 16.3%.

    A significant proportion of people with physical and multiple disabilities are living, working, and using electric wheelchairs in the treatment of disease and rehabilitation training.

    Nowadays, with the increase of the patient of the elder group, the total social demand of the wheelchair grows every year, which brings huge market space for the wheelchair industry.