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  • How to maintain the battery in the electric wheelchair
    Apr 27, 2018

    How to maintain the battery in the electric wheelchair,many customer will ask this questions.

    Here are several suggesiton for people when they are using electric wheelchairs.

    First, electric wheelchairs must be discharged in a deep way. Experts recommend that wheelchairs carry out 1 Deep discharges per 1 months.

    Secondly, you must to ensure the cleaning of the battery surface, don’t not store it outside or in the sun, especially when charging, so the storage car in the cool and dry and dry place

    Thirdly, can not let battery power deficit storage, because battery loss will seriously affect the service life, battery damage is serious.

    Fourth,Keep the battery in full power. Even if you drive 12 to 60Km, you need to replenish the battery. The battery will be saturated for a long time.

    Fifth,high current discharge will harm the battery, so the electric wheelchair and electric nursing bed are the same. Neither can be super.

    Sixth,keep the other parts of the vehicle intact, replace the worn parts during the maintenance process, reduce the battery useless work, and improve the utilization of electric energy.

    Lastly, the change of the temperature effect the capacity of the battery, so the charging time of the battery is also prolonged due to this time.

    The service life of the battery is often related to the quality of the manufacturer's products. It is also related to the configuration of the wheelchair system and has a great relationship with the daily maintenance and maintenance of the user.