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  • The advantages of electric wheelchair
    Mar 30, 2018

    According to the statistics,the population growth has slowed down nowadays. China is gradually entering an aging society. The long-term care costs brought about by the aging of the population are mainly borne by the family. The community’s appeal for long-term care of elderly people is increasing. 

    The higher is. However, the emergence of electric wheelchairs has played a very good role in resolving the problem of nursing care for elderly and disabled people with relatively old mobility.

    At present, the overall skeleton design of electric wheelchairs in the market uses a highly solid aluminum alloy. Compared with general materials, it has high strength, durability, and good shock absorption characteristics. The wheelchairs produced are also strong and lightweight. The comfort, aesthetics and other characteristics have solved the weight problem of wheelchairs in the moving process.

    First, for elderly and disabled people with limited mobility, traditional hand-propelled wheelchairs must rely on manpower for advancement. It is very difficult to travel alone if no one cares. The electric wheelchair is different. It has an intelligent control system. For the disabled elderly and disabled people, they can travel freely if they are conscious.

    Second, use electric wheelchairs to enhance self-care capabilities. Buying food, visiting supermarkets, visiting the park, and other things that were previously served by others, can be done by yourself with an electric wheelchair. It not only saves the cost of care and labor, but also better realizes the value of their lives. Their psychology no longer feels that they are “dragging” by their families and their mood will be more comfortable!

    Third, the control technology of electric wheelchairs is very mature, and the brakes on the body can be mass-produced after many qualified tests of professional equipment. The probability of out-of-control of the electric wheelchair is close to zero; slow speed, anti-back-up device, universal drive, intelligent electromagnetic brake and other equipment ensure that the electric wheelchair does not roll over, does not turn over, and other safety hazards.