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  • The development prospects of electric mobility scooter
    Mar 31, 2018

    The elderly scooter, also known as the elderly electric vehicles, elderly bicycles; for the elderly to travel, its performance is relatively stable, the speed is slow, the main use of electricity as the power, with environmental protection and energy saving, convenient and smart features. In a strict sense, the real elderly electric scooter products should evolve from the original electric wheelchairs belonging to the category of medical devices. The design of products is more suitable for the driving habits of the elderly and the handicapped, and is convenient for the elderly. Daily travel.

    In recent years, the electric scooter market for the elderly has been rapidly developing, and its output and sales have been in a state of rapid development. As an electric car with new energy, electric mobility for the elderly does not use fuel and is not affected by soaring oil prices. It not only brings considerable benefits to manufacturers, but also facilitates the travel of elderly people; it is deeply loved by older people.

    With the continuous improvement of the economic level, continuous improvement in health care and science and technology, most elderly people are in good physical condition. Their range of activities is much wider than before, and acceptance and recognition of new things are also increasing. Faced with such a large potential consumer, the elderly scooter is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. Not only is it light and flexible, it saves energy, but it also shelters wind and rain, providing great convenience for the elderly to travel short distances. Moreover, the appearance design and power acceleration are also the best choices for the elderly. Although the physical strength of the elderly has declined, the legs and feet have become inflexible, and their reaction capacity is not enough. However, the appropriate speed, reasonable price, simple operation and comfortable design make it possible for the elderly to make a round of “sedan dreams”. It can be seen that the consumer group of the elderly scooter is a huge and increasing number.

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