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  • Three types of wheelchairs
    Feb 13, 2018

    At present, there are many wheelchairs in the market. There are three types of wheelchairs, which are summarized in the following categories:

    1, Manual wheelchair

        Shaped like a chair, four wheels, handrails on both sides, there is a foot pedal, some wheelchair wheel is relatively large, with a hand pushing ring, the rear wheel braking, wheelchair that apart from the others pushed outside, can also shake away, there is a rear wheel relatively small, no hand ring, must rely on others, but than the front wheel, the front wheel for steering, a small, anti tilt wheel wheelchair behind. The wheelchair is light and can be folded and folded up. For the general situation, or in the short term, the wheelchair is usually accompanied by the family and is not suitable for the sedentary.

    2, Electric wheelchair,

      It is basically the same in structure but better in operation than manual wheelchair ,as long as the user awareness and control ability is very good, the use of electric wheel is a good choice, so they can control, no need to trouble other. In addition, the electric wheelchair also needs a larger space of activity in the room..

    3, Electric scooter.

      Many elderly people are like it very much.. Generally divided into round and four round and single seat and two seat, with electric motor, electromagnetic brake, speed limit below 15km/h, as long as the user mind was clear, and I hope to travel the distance of some electric scooter is so an ideal choice.