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  • What can you expect from a electric wheelchair
    Jan 30, 2018

    Electric wheelchairs are transformed and upgraded by high-performance motor drive devices, intelligent control devices, batteries and other components on the basis of  traditional manual wheelchairs. When operating the intelligent controllers, users can drive the wheelchair to complete forward, back, turn, stand, lie flat, and other functions. Electric wheelchair is high tech production combined by of precision machinery, engineering mechanics and others industrials.  

    Comparing to the traditional electric scooter, battery, bicycle and other kind  of transportation, the fundamental difference of electric wheelchair  is the intelligent control controller. Depending on the mode of operation, there are many of electric wheelchairs for upper and lower extremity disability of severe disabled people.    

    Today, the electric wheelchair has become an indispensable transport tools for the elderly and the disabled. the application of electric wheelchair is wider, as long as the user awareness of clear, normal cognitive ability.