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  • Why electric wheelchairs are loved by older friends
    May 07, 2018

    Why electric wheelchairs are loved by older friends

    1, large audience

    Compared to the traditional manual wheelchair, it is also called a hand-push wheelchair. The electric wheelchair is not only suitable for middle-aged and elderly people, it is also suitable for severe disability injuries. Easy to operate, electromagnetic brakes, steady speed, etc. These are places that manual wheelchairs cannot replace.

    2, easy to manipulate

    In the past, manual wheelchairs must rely on thrust. If there is no one to care for and the power of the hand is not enough, then the elderly will be very hard to drive. The electric road is different. As long as it is fully charged and the controller is well controlled, the elderly do not need to be accompanied by family members.

    3, environmental protection

    Electric wheelchairs are like young people's electric donkeys, and they have nothing to say in terms of environmental protection. They greatly save the maintenance of the fully-enclosed electric elderly scooter like fuel.

    4, security

    With the development of science and technology, the production skills of electric wheelchairs will become more and more mature. Many wheelchairs are strictly tested by professionals and require quality inspections before they are sold. Therefore, the safety risk of electric wheelchairs is almost zero.

    5, self-care ability

    With electric wheelchairs, the elderly can choose the range of trips according to the actual situation. Neighborhood parks, supermarkets, and communities are not problems. A small electric wheelchair can help the elderly to easily get!