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  • Motorized Wheelchair

    Designed for excellent indoor maneuverability and outstanding outdoor capability. Large front wheels offer extra absorption over obstacles for superb climbing capabilities along with front anti-tip wheels for transitioning over grade changes and handling various terrains with ease.
    Features 14” drive wheels for enhanced outdoor performance combined with a front-wheel drive design to provide tight turns around corners. They are not only powerful, but quiet to operate and long-lasting, and have the highest weight-to-power-output ratio.
    The motorized wheelchair is based on the traditional manual wheelchair, superimposed and upgraded with high-performance power drive, intelligent control device, battery and other components.
    With a manual operation of intelligent controllers, it can drive wheelchairs to complete the new generation of intelligent wheelchairs for forward, backward, steering, standing, lying, etc. It is a combination of modern precision machinery, intelligent CNC, engineering mechanics and other fields. Technology Products.
    Actually, Kunshan JT is the growing manufacturers of motorized wheelchair in China, which is equipped with a professional and productive factory. And customers are welcomed to buy discount motorized wheelchair with cheap price here.
    • Foldable Motorized Wheelchair
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      Foldable Motorized Wheelchair

      This foldable motorized wheelchair is extremely convenient due to its compact size and ability to be folded for transport in just about any vehicle: a Car, Truck, SUV. It is also convenient enough to have a family travel, so getting this chair is not only safe, but enjoyable and...
    • Narrow Motorized Wheelchair
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      Narrow Motorized Wheelchair

      This motorized wheelchair is a revolutionary designed to improve the lives of users globally. A foldable and lightweight frame allows for users to be completely independent, and use the chair both indoors and outdoors. 360 degree waterproof universal intelligent Joystick, easy controlling, it...
    • Motorized Chairs for Disabled
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      Motorized Chairs for Disabled

      The motorized chairs for disabled with its extra strong steel frame offers a durable and reliable performance rear wheel motorized chair in one package. The controller can be fitted onto either armrest allowing you to operate the chair with ease if you have limited dexterity.
    • Fastest Motorized Wheelchair
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      Fastest Motorized Wheelchair

      The Standard model of fastest motorized wheelchair was designed to be the most convenient power wheelchair on the market . It is made of strong aluminum alloy. It can be easily folded in seconds and transported in your car, SUV or truck.
      The motorized wheelchair is a fantastic...
    • Motorized Wheelchair Lightweight
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      Motorized Wheelchair Lightweight

      Motorized wheelchairs have powered wheel at the back and casters up in the front. Using this type of chair is similar to that of driving a vehicle. The balance of the wheelchair is ideal for outdoor surroundings. The rotating radius is wide. It's very useful for users who spend a lot of time...
    • Motorized Chair for Elderly
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      Motorized Chair for Elderly

      Motorized chair for elderly is a traditional rear-wheel drive chair that maneuvers easily and can negotiate obstacles both inside and outside the home. It's a revolutionary foldable power wheelchair designed to improve the lives of users globally. This motorized chair can be easily folded in...
    • Small Motorized Chairs
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      Small Motorized Chairs

      The Standard model of small motorized chairs was designed to be the most convenient electric wheelchair on the market today. It is made of strong aluminum alloy. It is foldable and lightweight making it ideal for transporting.