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  • How To Operate Electric Wheelchair
    Jun 25, 2018

    How to operate electric wheelchair


    based on the manual wheelchair and superimposed with high-performance power drive device. The electric wheelchair can enhance the user's self-care ability and save a lot of nursing cost for the family. Electric wheelchairs are mainly used by the elderly and the disabled. Especially for elderly friends, the operation of electric wheelchairs must be scientific and reasonable.

    How to operate electric wheelchair

    The correct operation methods and steps of the electric wheelchair

    First, please carefully inspect several aspects before entering the electric wheelchair.

    1. Whether the electromagnetic brake is in a closed state. Otherwise, the wheelchair will be dangerous when moving on the wheelchair. Besides, the clutch is in the open state, and the electric wheelchair can not drive normally.

    2. Whether the tire pressure is normal. When the tire pressure of the electric wheelchair is abnormal, it will deviate or even be unsafe when driving.

    3, the power is in a closed state. When you enter the electric wheelchair, make sure that the power is in a closed state. Otherwise, it will cause a safety accident if you accidentally touch the controller lever.

    4. The pedals must be erected and must not be stepped on the pedals

    Two. The correct operation methods and steps after entering the electric wheelchair.

    1, fasten the seat belt, the safety belt is redundant at most time, but must develop good habits, safety consciousness must have;

    2 put down the foot pedal, two feet flat on the foot pedal; if some old people have cough and asthma, such as old and slow branch disease, when cough is severe, please take the foot pedal, feet on the ground, or stand state of coughing more safe;

    3, turn on the power supply, gently push the controller joystick forward, then you can drive the electric wheelchair.

    4, strictly abide by the traffic rules, do not rush through the red light, not on the fast lane;

    5. When encountering an obstacle or a larger section of the slope, please bypass or be polite to help passers by, do not pass under unsure circumstances, so as not to cause security risks.

    The above is the correct operation method and steps of the electric wheelchair to be carefully arranged by the iron wheelchair for the electric wheelchair for the majority of the electric wheelchair users, hoping that everyone should strictly follow the execution when operating the electric wheelchair. A good electric wheelchair must operate according to the correct steps and methods so that it can be safer, more comfortable and more comfortable. If you have any questions about electric wheelchairs, you can consult mail to Jane@jtwheelchair.com.

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