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  • The Electric Wheelchair Vehicle Willful Modification Is Harmful
    Dec 28, 2017

    Electric wheelchair can indeed achieve "speed", the principle is very simple, will replace the gearbox or battery voltage can be increased, but the conversion of electric wheelchair after the following several major risk factors:

    1. "Speed up" after the encounter in emergency users of slow response will often result in accidents, outweigh the gains;

    2. Electric wheelchair Car "speed up" after the electromagnetic brake braking system may be instantaneous failure of bad damage, encountered uphill will be downhill when the consequences of the instantaneous failure can be imagined;

    3. If a modified electric wheelchair battery may cause the center of gravity of the electric wheelchair to change, there is a safety hazard during driving.

    4. After refitting the electric wheelchair may cause the controller, the clutch damage causes the wheelchair life to shorten.